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How to wear Chikorika products

Chikorika products have variety of ways to wear and enjoy.
We would like to introduce 6 different examples that might be helpful to you.

1. Broach

Photo:1. Broach

This is the very basic way to wear a broach, your jacket will look more formal with the elegance of the design. This will give higher level of dressing in the scenes like special occasions or important meetings.
Broach can address different impressions depending on where on your jacket you put them. Please place it higher if you would like to give gorgeous look, and place it lower if otherwise.

2. Necklace

Photo:How to wear Chikorika products-2. Necklace

Chikorika broach can be used as an additional part of a pearl necklace you already have. This can be done using our original part called “joint metal fitting”.
We’ve noticed that many people wear simple pearl necklace (although colours and Size of pearls vary). But by combining our broach onto your existing necklace using this part, you can create eye catchy original look.
This joint metal fitting by the way, can be used for things like omega necklace, chain, leather string, or velvet bow.

3. Long necklace

Photo:How to wear Chikorika products-3. Long necklace

Many people have long pearl necklace, but we often hear that they hardly wear them because it’s difficult to create focal point when they wear them.
By putting a broach between pearls using the clip, you can make it look more gorgeous and dressy in occasion like party etc.

4. Kimono belt accessory

Photo:How to wear Chikorika products-4. Kimono belt accessory

Again this is the example of using the broach clip, our “Indigo rain” series especially goes well with Kimono. This little part will not damage the belt and very easy to put on.

5. In the frame

Photo:How to wear Chikorika products-5. In the frame

You can even place our broach in a frame. Recently art supply shops do sell those frames especially to present jewellery so it should not be difficult to purchase these frames. If you do not want to keep and hide broaches in the box, why not try to show it as an art like this.

6. In the Paulownia box

Photo:How to wear Chikorika products-In the Paulownia box

Every Chikorika’s broach comes in a special Paulownia box with the certificate.
It’s got the unique sequence number as all of our products are handmade.
These sequence numbers and the pictures of products are kept by us, so any after care/service could be provided.

Broach is an item that can expand your fashion range. Even for those who do nor wear them normally, why not get one and try it.
We will be looking forward to meeting you somewhere.